Thursday, July 18, 2013

highlight // Kenny, serving in Danli, Honduras

It is no secret that by working in ministry, we are blessed to come in contact with an exceptional amount of amazing people. And sometimes, when we are lucky enough, those people become great friends of ours. We'd like to share with you about one of those friends who has really touched our lives over our journey of preparing to move to Honduras.

As some of you already know, our good friend Kenny Erwin has spent the last year in Honduras, serving at the church where we will be serving in Danli. Kenny is about to return home to the United States at the end of this month as his year long term is over already! For us, it seems like just yesterday that I was putting him on a plane to Honduras from DC very, very early in the morning. The way Kenny and I got really close was actually on our trip to Honduras in March 2011. Between that trip and a Winter Retreat with our church in February 2011, it was the start of a great friendship. We then had the chance to live together for a summer and part of the school year while at Virginia Tech. And now most recently, Kenny has been such a huge help to us throughout our entire process of moving internationally, from knowing what things are available where we will be, to knowing how much things cost, to helping us just being able to understand the culture better even before we arrive! We have been so thankful for all of the advice and wisdom he has shared with us over this past year.

Kenny had traveled to Honduras three times before feeling the call to move there for a year to serve God at the church in Danli. During his time there, he has worked a lot with the music ministry, as well as with men's discipleship by getting to disciple some of the young men at the church. He has recently started teaching English classes at the church, and has been talking a lot about how great and challenging of an experience it has been for him to teach other people English. Also, a children's ministry has existed previously but for younger kids, and Kenny has such a huge heart for youth that it has truly been an experience that has really touched his heart to be able to help start a youth group there for middle and high school students as well. Most recently, the church is adding a second level to the nutrition clinic and Kenny has been able to help with the construction process with it. He has told me it has been awesome to be able to use his hands to build something there!  It also warms my heart to know that the nutrition clinic is continuing to grown and expand.

Kenny preparing for the Christmas program at the church in Danli.
Kenny and I talk on average once a week whether that be through Skype, Google chat, or Facebook messenger. One of the coolest stories that we've talked about during his time there was the first time he shared the Gospel in Spanish.  He was very nervous about it, as he wasn't sure if his Spanish was good enough. The elders in the church continued to encourage him and he stepped out in boldness to do it. He's said that God really took it and it was an awesome experience! You can read more about it on Kenny's blog. Below are a few pictures of his time in Honduras over the past year.

Kenny and I with our friend Josh on our trip to Honduras in March 2012.

Kenny has an amazing heart and is always striving to be a man after God's own heart.  It's been amazing to watch him grow, not only over the last year, but throughout the last 3 years that I've known him.  Between living with him, and hanging out all of the time, and now talking regularly, I've really gotten to know that man that he is and the heart that he has. One of my favorite things about Kenny is his willingness to be completely open with his friends and the people that are walking with him through things. We've had many late night talk sessions, talking about the awesomeness of our God, about family, the future, our future wives and children. We've also spent a large amount of time praying with each other, which is just another thing that I appreciate about Kenny -- his willingness and humbleness to drop to his knees in prayer in joys and in sorrows. Kenny has become one of my best friends and it's been amazing to walk with him especially through the past year. I'm excited to get to see him when he returns as it's been almost a year since I've last seen him! Please be praying for him as his heart is so torn right now. He's excited to return home and to see his family and friends, but he is leaving behind great friends in Honduras. Be praying as he is currently looking for a job, and trying to figure out where he is going to be once he returns.  

Thanks for everything Kenny!  I love you man!


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  1. I love you too brother! I wish I could be here with you guys!