Wednesday, July 3, 2013

church // "God's Big Backyard" VBS

We were so blessed last week to have Christ United Methodist Church in Covington, Va choose our ministry with GCM to be their missions focus for their Vacation Bible School! The theme of their VBS this year was "God's Big Backyard", which taught the kids in attendance about how God wants us to care for, reach out to, and serve our family, our friends and neighbors, people in our communities, in our country, as well as throughout the world. The kids at the VBS raised money all week to "reach beyond their backyard" in a kids-serving-other-kids approach. The money will be used to help support the work we will be doing in Honduras, and we loved getting an opportunity to share with these kids how the ministry we will be doing will be specifically impacting the children of Danli, Honduras. The kids were so excited to have well surpassed the goal they had set for the week!

Because we were unable to be at Christ UMC for the week of their VBS, we recorded a series of videos to be able talk to the kids all week. This was a first for us! Definitely something we had never tried before. Lesley was the behind-the-scenes videographer and recruited Jamey to be the handsome narrator. Because he's just really adorable, please enjoy watching this video from the first day of VBS. :)

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  1. Awesome! the video, the VBS message about God's Big Back Yard and kids helping spread the gospel to kids!