Sunday, July 7, 2013

ask anything // round 1

There are a lot of questions that we get asked even as we are just preparing to move to a developing country as missionaries. Some you would expect (like: "Where are you going to live?"), others we less expected, but ones that we actually get fairly often (like: "What are you going to miss the most?"). For both informative and comic value, we'd love to open up the blogging floor to anyone who would like to ask a question they've really been curious about! We're really open to any kinds of questions about our current international missionary lifestyle.

For starters, we'd like to answer some of our "FAQs" (frequently asked questions) for our blog readers, because many of you may have never gotten the opportunity to have us sitting right in front of you ready to answer any question you think of like some people have!

our own FAQs to date:

1 // "Where are you going to live in Honduras?"
       We plan to rent a small apartment-sized house, which would ideally be near a church deacon and within walking distance of the church where we will be working. Yes, it will have to be completely furnished by us when we arrive. That should be some interesting + fun shopping experiences for us right off the bat!

2 // "When are you leaving?"
        We are spending the summer wrapping up things and preparing to leave, among several other things! We then have a month-long training that we are required to go to in Colorado starting September 22. We hope to leave for Honduras within two weeks of that training ending, and that's what we know for now!

3 // "What are you doing for language training?"
        In high school, we both took four years of Spanish, but that was many years ago for us now that barely anything has stuck with us. '"If you don't use it, you lose it!". But, we are extremely grateful that we were able to at least have the opportunity to have those classes then in the language we will soon be speaking daily, because we at least have some background to build upon. We both were pretty successful at recognizing words that were spoken to us when we visited Honduras, but word recall was the issue. To help with that, we have all five levels of Rosetta Stone lessons that we are learning from. When we get to Honduras, we plan to take classes from a teacher there.

4 // "What part of speaking Spanish are you secretly looking foward to?"
        Lesley: We would totally love to teach our kids to be bilingual from the beginning (since we will eventually be!). How cool would that be for them!?!
        Jamey: Dreaming in Spanish. That's when they say you know you are truly fluent!

Please note: If you have a question, big or small, that you personally would like to ask, please follow the tabs at the top of the page to our "Ask Anything" tab. Our request is that our readers only post questions in the comments section of the page, either with their name or anonymously. If you would like to send a question privately, our email addresses are also available to receive questions. They are listed under the "Contact Us" tab.

Send those questions on!

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