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There are a lot of questions that we get asked even now as we are just preparing to move to a developing country as missionaries. Some you would expect (like: "Where are you going to live?"), others we less expected, but ones that we actually get fairly often (like: "What about kids?"). For both informative and comic value, we'd love to open up the blogging floor to anyone who would like to ask a question they've really been curious about! We're really open to any kinds of questions concerning our current international missionaries lifestyle.

Please note: If you have a question, big or small, that you personally would like to ask, we would love for you to ask it here on this page! Our request is that our readers only post questions in the comments section of the page, either with their name or anonymously. If you would like to send a question privately, our email addresses are also available to receive questions. They are listed under the "Contact Us" tab.

Send those questions on!

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  1. Does Donli have Internet service? What city around Covington could you compare it to? Is there a McDonalds??