Monday, July 1, 2013

highlight // fun with Sara.

As we mentioned in our previous Richmond post, we had the pleasure of getting to spend time with our wedding photographer turned sweet friend, Sara Tyer, a couple of weeks ago! This was such a joy for us! Mainly because we love Sara and get so excited for any chance to see her.

The funny part of the story to how we know her is that Sara, while she was still a student at VCU, photographed a string of weddings over the span of two summers and several of those weddings were of dear friends of ours! Each one of us had such a wonderful experience with Sara and kept passing her name along to the next engaged couple we knew that was looking for a photographer. It all started with Candice & Alex and ended up being a total of five couples we knew, including my best friend Caroline, who is the beautiful bride in the fun photo we took with Sara above! (Sara is the one on the far right.) She likes to say that we adopted her; I'd totally agree. We had so much fun knowing we would get to see her again at the next wedding coming up!!

While hanging out with Sara in Richmond, we got to do two really fun things. 1) Sara really blessed us by offering to take some ministry photos for us before we leave for Honduras. These will be so helpful to us to have updated photos to use on our ministry materials -- including this blog! 2) We got to spend time sipping coffee and chatting with Sara at this really adorable local coffee shop she showed us. (Jamey said it was the best mocha he's ever had. The chocolate drizzle around the inside of the cup probably influenced his reaction, I'd say.) We loved getting to hear about Sara's music teaching, talk about Honduras with her, hear about her own (!!!) soon-to-be marriage, and give a few funny "newlywed tips" from us. Thank you, Sara, for spending the afternoon with us! We are so excited for your new adventures coming up!

Here's just a few of the great shots Sara took. We are so excited about them :)


  1. That color looks so fabulous on you! Also- what the heck?! I never knew about Caro's blog. I am a bad friend!

  2. I have to give the credit to Caroline for pairing our two colors together for our pictures. She's my fashion helper/styler, I always look to her for the most important of outfit choices. haha!

    I'm glad my blog "tagging" helped you find a new blog ;)