Wednesday, June 26, 2013

bump into us // Danville, VA

We are spending the week in the Danville, VA area and having a great time getting to see some of Lesley's family, some dear friends, and getting a chance to connect with people in the area that are interested in hearing more about the ministry we will be doing in Honduras!

The precious southern porch where we get to sip morning coffee  in Danville.
Though we are only midway through the week, we have already gotten the chance to explore one of the family farms that Lesley grew up playing on when she was little. Jamey had previously been able to see some of it, but this time we both, along with Lesley's siblings, climbed into her Papa's old farm truck and went off‐road exploring! We did not get to see everything because some parts are unused & grown up with trees now, but we did get really dirty, had a lot of fun, and even saved a tiny kitten out of a huge prickly tree! Woo hoo! Next on the agenda is for Jamey to finally get a chance to meet Lesley's oldest friend, Caitlin, who she has been best friends with for 19 years! They used to do everything together all through school, especially in high school, but our lives now have put us in different areas for the last several years. We are SO excited for this to happen now that we have the opportunity!!!

A quick picture of the mountain range view from the farm.
We wanted to extend the invitation once again to anyone in the area ‐‐ we would love to meet up with and see you! Please feel free to call, text or email us if you would like to get together. Our contact information is available on the Contacts tab above for those who do not have it. To hear about how our ministry is going, or just to hang out!

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