Friday, August 9, 2013

friday photo dump // august 9

Jamey was so excited and blessed to be in one of his best friend's weddings before we leave! Congrats Matt & Allison!

While at the wedding, we had the opportunity of visiting some very special family friends one more time. Their dogs were attached to Jamey.... and the kids! :) 

We got to go on a family vacation to the beach before we leave, too! Family bonding time that we can't wait to blog about :)

Lesley spend a few days back in Northern Virginia at her old job, to visit the kiddos and to fill as nanny when the family had a open gap they needed filled. This was SUCH a special time for Lesley filled with snuggles, hugs, crafts, preschool, and pool time! Who could ask for anything else?! The kids have already grown and matured so much in just two months! Needless to say, she was a very proud past-nanny. They definitely retained so much of the learning we did together!

We have officially purchased our plane tickets to Colorado for our month-long training in September! After weeks of searching for flights, we are so thankful that it was possible for us to fly out of Roanoke, VA!

We celebrated our first wedding anniversary on August 4th! And we got to open our first anniversary guest book from our wedding. Sadly, our "wedding pie" (instead of cake) didn't make it to see the anniversary!

And this is a truly "behind the scenes" look at our lives right now. This is how we recorded our latest video for another youth group that is helping participate in our ministry. Can you tell that we need a tripod? Or a teleprompter? Lesley improvised for both! 

Until the next Friday Photo Dump!

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