Wednesday, August 14, 2013

ask anything // round 2

Thank you so much for those who sent us questions to our "Ask Anything" section. We are so excited to answer the questions that YOU, our readers, personally have! Here we go with Round 2:

1 // What are you most nervous about in moving to Honduras?
I think we would both say that we are most nervous about using a new language all the time. We have certainly been studying Spanish, but we are definitely not fluent yet. Obviously, that will come easier in full immersion!

2 // And what are you most excited about?
The experience of living in a new culture!! Not everyone gets the opportunity to move to and live in a new culture! We believe that this is a great privilege that God has called us to do, and we are so excited to do it together, especially at this point in our lives, and simply LEARN. Learn more about the world, about ourselves and how God has designed us, about serving in ministry, about God's love, and about the people of Honduras, among many other things.

3 // Does Danli have Internet service?
Yes! Thankfully, we will have internet connection in our home most of the time. We are so excited about the level of modern technology that is available to us now as missionaries that will allow us to keep in close contact with our family, friends, and ministry partners. We deeply understand how much of this was so unavailable just years ago for overseas missionaries. We say "most of the time", however, because both the internet and power may go out at times, which is to be expected.

4 // What city around Covington could you compare it to? Is there a McDonald's?
We would compare it to Lewisburg, WV because it's presence of little shops, and to Covington because of the city's size and small-town community feel. Technically, Danli has more people than Covington because the Danli "area" has unclear borders of where it cuts off. But do note that Danli is very different from both of those cities because it does not have chain stores or restaurants, so a McDonald's would not be available. Things like McDonald's, Wendy's, and Pizza Hut are available in the capital city of Tegucigalpa, which is about an hour and a half away from Danli.

5 // Can we come visit you?

Absolutely! We have been asked this question by many people, which of course makes us very excited! After we've had some time to get settled & get a bit more comfortable with the language, we would love to have visitors, as well as people who would like to see or help with the work in our ministry. Because we will be unable to travel home very often, visitors would be such a blessing to us! (And for the several who have asked, on average, a round trip flight to Honduras is about $550 per person.)

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Keep the questions coming! 

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