Thursday, May 2, 2013

church // best things about our trip to blacksburg and some [nlcf] love.

Us sharing at the 11am service. 

As we said in our last post, we were in Blacksburg, VA two weekends ago and it was such a refreshing weekend for us!  As every Hokie knows, there's just something about that town that makes you feel right at home and warms your heart no matter how long it's been since you've been there.  It was so great for us as it had been almost 6 months since we were there last! Here are a few lovable things about Blacksburg that we got to experience this weekend:

1.) the beautiful campus of Virginia Tech
2.) New Life Christian Fellowship [nlcf].  Period.
3.) that one-of-a-kind small town feel
4.) visiting wonderful friends and feeling like you're picking up right where you left off
5.) meeting a new tiny addition to our Blacksburg family
6.) shamlessly wearing so much Orange and Maroon
7.) the joyous feeling you get when you see Exit 118B
8.) overlooking the amount of people in Gillie's to enjoy the best breakfast in town (even if it is vegetarian)
9.) breathing in a crisp, cool spring morning in the mountains
10.) the feeling you get when walking by places that mean a lot to you personally

Friends and staff praying over us during the 707 service. 

During the trip, we also were given the opportunity to speak at our sending church, New Life Christian Fellowship [nlcf].  It was great to get to share how Lesley and I's desire to enter into international missions started separately before we even met and how they have now blended as our vision together. We enjoyed being able to share with the congregation how [nlcf] is involved in our ministry and how our time at [nlcf] allowed us to grow tremendously in our faith and relationship with Jesus.  I also encouraged them to to go on one of [nlcf]'s missions trips.  I have never seen anyone come back from one of them and not be changed in some way.  I think God does incredible things in people's hearts when they go on mission trips. This was also Lesley's first time speaking with me at a church service and it was really encouraging to me to have her up there beside me. I'm so thankful for her! This was such a rejuvenating time for us to connect with the staff members and the congregation.  The staff and members also took time to pray for us and "send us out" during the service which was really awesome to experience!  We also had some of our very close friends pray with them, as they also invited those in the service who knew us personally to come forward, who have watched this calling unfold in our lives over the past few years.  It meant so much to us to have them be there and pray over us.  We love our church family so much and thank them for all of the encouragement and discipleship during our time at Tech.


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