Saturday, May 4, 2013

personal // a (late) happy birthday to Jamey!

This past weekend was Jamey's 24th birthday!! Woo hoo! We celebrated by having his parents come into town and by going to Kings Dominion! Jamey is very much "best friends" with his parents, so he was really excited that they were able to make the trip up. We started the weekend with an awesome dinner of trying out a couple of new recipes! (What better birthday present to Jamey than trying out new delicious things that I can cook for him again?! He loves it when I do this. A lot.) We then drove down to Kings Dominion the next morning (after he got his free Starbucks of course, from a worker who loved that he was a Hokie!). We could not have asked for more beautiful weather. It was perfect!  Jamey had so much fun and kept saying how great it was to be with all of us on his birthday.  Jamey and his dad loved riding the Intimidator 305 roller-coaster.  For those of you that don't know what this is, it is a roller coaster that takes you 305 feet up in the air and then drops you at an 85 degree angle. He was definitely intimidated at first, but once he rode it, he thought it was so awesome and just wanted to keep riding it! His mom and I girl-talked and waited for the boys because she's afraid of heights, and well, I didn't have a great experience with all of the g-forces hitting me when I had ridden it before. Dad ended up being the overall conqueror of the coaster, however! He rode it 5 times (which we have no idea how) and Jamey rode it 3.  After the park, we went to Cheeseburger in Paradise for dinner (where we made them give him a nice dose of birthday public embarrassment, duh) and then came back for cake and presents. The weekend went by so quickly, but we certainly had fun celebrating and having a weekend "off"!

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