Friday, August 1, 2014

friday photo dump // thanks for the visit, Virginia.

in cased you didn't catch them all, please enjoy a quick review of our trip to Virginia in photos!

Mom & Dad were pretty excited to see us at the airport!
Day after we got home, it was Jamey's mom's birthday!
Pretty cool birthday present, huh?
The line for dinner at the CDI fundraiser event was pretty long.
We had to use the dessert table as overflow seating!
We were very pleased by all the great questions during the
 Q&A session at the CDI event! Thanks to all again. 
SO many school supplies for our students were donated at the event!
Half of them were saved for the kids to receive school packets
 at the beginning of their new school year in February. 
We just beat all the storms in the area for our July 3rd family kayaking run.
We had a great time being outdoors in our beloved Virginia. 
Jamey and his mom had a mother/son lunch date while Lesley and her mom
 had a mother/daughter lunch date. I guess you could call it good timing! :)

It felt amazing being able to celebrate the 4th of July in the U.S.!
We went to see the fireworks show at the VMI Campus in Lexington, VA.
And it was awesome! We might have also had black raspberry ice cream for dinner.
While we were in, we helped Lesley's grandma purchase a new tv.
She wasn't so sure about how to pick out flat screen tvs, but her
 old one that she bought in 1990 got struck by lightning.
We also taught her about surge protectors. 
We were overly blessed by having the family that Lesley previously
nanny-ed for host us in Northern Virginia for Jamey to be in a wedding. 
And that handsome groomsman would be Jamey. Jamey was so glad
to get to be in his college roommate, Josh's, wedding while we were home. 

There's the happy couple! Congrats, Josh & Louisa!

As the two weeks came to a very quick ending, we couldn't help but
choose Bojangles as our last meal in the States for a while!


  1. Yay! Love seeing all those school supplies!!

  2. aw! pics are great of your whirlwind visit! It was great seeing you! ~~Laurie F