Wednesday, June 4, 2014

right now // june 2014

Right now we are...

ENJOYING the rainy season in the mountains more than we thought we would! We weren't sure how "intense" the rainy season would be, but so far at least the downpours have been happening towards the end of the day and it makes the evening air feel and smell so good. Don't get us wrong, the rain comes down really hard when it's actually happening, but it's also fun to listen to.

LEARNING more places in town where we can buy things as locally as possible. We want to support the local economy, but more importantly we want to get to know this city like the back of our hand so that we can know even more of the people in it and form even more relationships. Thankfully, we have sweet friends who are sending us to their "best people" to buy things from. We're trying to learn the Honduran way of buying certain things at the "special" place to them. We know a few, but we still only shop about three different places. Our friends have told us that we still haven't found all of the best ones yet!

LOVING how much the CDI children are loving our new technique for our English classes. It's our own take on language learning that we were taught at our training at Mission Training International (for adults!), but we realized that kids can pay so much more attention to the funny words that you're saying (read: English words) when they have pictures and cards that they can hold and work with. Last week we made a sentence forming game out of the cards and the kids said "I can speak real English!".

to cut Jamey's hair. Somehow, we remember when he's out in public and looks a bit shaggy, but we always forget when we're at home trying to get other things done. Poor Jamey. Doesn't help that Lesley is nervous every time she thinks about cutting it (again). That might be helping her forget.

LOOKING forward to our trip to the States at the end of this month. It'll be jammed-packed busy, with a mix of work, fun, and personal errands, but we know anything will be a great time when we can speak 100% in our native language. (Well, we could have secret conversations in Spanish but our family might not understand us.) We're already contemplating ways to fit as much as possible in our suitcases again when we're on the way back!

HELPING to plan an event in Jamey's hometown to share about how people can become more involved with the children's development center that we work with here at our local church in Danli. We're so excited to be able to help out with this vision for gathering local churches in the Covington area to work together for this cause. Be on the lookout for more information about this event (happening in the first week of July). We'll be there speaking!

TRYING these new reusable paper towels to try to be more green + save money while living in Honduras. Sounds funny, I know, but they're made by the Clorox brand (so they must be legit, right?) and they can be used, rinsed, and reused up to twenty times. We're hoping for big things with these cool towels. There little to no recycling programs in most of Honduras except for 1) people burning their trash on the side of the road (burning plastic...ouch, my lungs!) or 2) people, mostly children, who "work" certain communities each day on that neighborhood's trash day to go through the bags of trash that were put out for plastic bottles before the city trash workers pick them up. They'll then go make a few cents for every bottle by selling them to a recycling company.

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