Sunday, April 6, 2014

video // danli home tour

We've had many requests for another home tour of our new house in Danli, so enjoy!  We've been living here for a little over a month now and still have a couple more changes we need to make, but we love the house.  We live on a really quiet street in a neighborhood where we know a few families in the church where we work.  It is such a blessing that we were able to live here and we are so thankful. We chose the house just from a few pictures that were sent to us, but it was even better than the pictures!  If you have any questions about what it's like to live in Danli, feel free to post them below!


  1. YES, I love it so much!! Your bed looks super comfortable :)

  2. Thanks Candice! We brought my cheapo comforter from my college apartment because you can't buy them here, obviously. No one wants them! But we found that we had trouble sleeping without a little bit of weight to our covers. It was a great choice (and the only way possible to get Jamey to agree with a floral print.. hehe).

  3. So awesome! Congratulations on getting the house! It is super nice! Loved being able to see it. Do you have AC? Not sure how you would keep from sweating with just 2 fans in the bedroom and that big comforter.

    Was your street paved? I couldn't tell.


    1. Thanks so much Alex! We feel very blessed that we were able to find this house. Hopefully we will never have to move from here the whole time we are in Danli. We have a small AC unit for our bedroom, but it's not installed right now because it's a lot cooler at night here so we haven't really needed it. And, the street is kinda paved. Some places on it are paved and some are dirt.