Saturday, February 15, 2014

ask anything // round 4: kids edition

The awesome children from our sending church, New Life Christian Fellowship in Blacksburg, VA, recently sent us letters to let us know that we were thought about as their missionaries. They spent the last couple of weeks learning about Acts 1:8 and what it means to be a missionary. We were very encouraged by these sweet letters, and thrilled that the kids had an avenue to ask what questions they have. So, may we present to you, our first Ask Anything: Kids Edition from NLCF Kids!

1 // Question: from Dawson 

1 // Answer: Most people in Honduras eat a lot of rice, beans, eggs, avocados and tortillas. They also eat a lot of plantains, which look a lot like bananas but are eaten like a vegetable! You have to cook plantains before you can eat them. They are very yummy! If you wanted to have a special meal here, you might have a whole fried fish (with the head still on it and everything!) and pickled onions and jalapeno peppers and cabbage. Here's a picture of plantains for you: (the right side is what they look like after they've been cooked)

2 // Question: from Hayli 

2 // Answer: Lesley's favorite colors are purple and gray. Jamey's favorite color is light blue. But we also wear a whole lot of orange and maroon. Go Hokies!

3 // Question: from Sydney 

3 // Answer: Right now, we are spending a lot of time taking classes to learn Spanish so that we'll be able to talk to everyone better. We have a teacher that comes to our house every afternoon to help us. Lesley also goes to play with kids at an orphanage and a children's nutrition clinic where kids are given good meals to make them be healthy and where they learn about Jesus. There are lots of kids and sometimes there isn't enough people to play with them all, so Lesley goes to help! Jamey does work to help make sure that people are going to get clean water so they don't get sick. We also do a lot of things with our church!

4 //Question: from Maggie

4 // Answer: Maggie, in Honduras, people do a lot of things differently than in the United States, like wash their clothes without a washing machine, and they don't have dryers for their clothes. Some people have to live in houses made out of sticks and plastic tarps with dirt floors and no electricity because they can't afford a house with strong walls, windows, a roof, and a floor. Also in Honduras, you can't drink the water that comes out of the sink in your house because it's not clean enough to be healthy for you. So you have to buy clean, healthy water at the store to bring home for drinking and cooking. We have to go buy more water lots of times every week. 

5 // Question: from Sydney 

5 // Answer: Lesley really loves to take pictures and to cook. Cooking is her very favorite thing to do and she loves finding new things to try to make all the time. Cooking has been very different for her in Honduras though, because they have a lot of different foods. Jamey's favorite activities are running and learning Spanish! 

6 // Question: from Will 

6 // Answer: It is very hot here all year long! The city that we live in is about one hour away from the beach and it's usually 95 degrees or hotter every day, and a lot of people don't have air conditioning. It is also very dry right now. It only rains here during a couple months in the year. So that makes everything very, very dusty! You have to clean a lot more here. 

7 // Question: from Josie

7 // Answer: Hi Josie! To say "hello" in Spanish, you say "Hola!" except you don't say any "H" sounds in Spanish. To say "goodbye" in Spanish, you would say "Adios!". To say "Good Morning" in Spanish, you would say "Buenos dias!".

8 // Question: from Tyler

8 // Answer: Yes, Tyler, the money is different here in Honduras! Honduran money is called "Lempiras". It takes about 20 lempiras to make 1 U.S. Dollar. Here's a picture of it for you:

9 // Question: from Hayli 

9 // Answer:  Hayli, there are different ways that we tell people about God here. We invite some people to our church and they hear the message of the Gospel while they listen to the sermon. Sometimes we go out to different communities around the city and share about Jesus with people individually. A lot of people here believe that they have to do enough good things to go to heaven and they are not saved by the Grace of Jesus. We share with them what God has told us, that it is only by our faith in Jesus and knowing that he forgave all of our sins by dying on the cross that gets us to heaven and that we are saved by Grace.

And just to get a peek at how adorable our letters were, here is one of the whole letters we got. It doesn't get much more adorable than this!

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