Friday, December 6, 2013

friday photo dump // december 6

The amazing views from flying that remind you how widely diverse the world is,
and just how big God is. 

One of our new favorite foods in Honduras -- plantains!
This picture is from Lesley's second attempt at cooking them at home. 

Jamey's battle against the ant colonies continues -- from tiny sugar ants to the bigger ones that bite!
This was when we were trying to see if cinnamon really does keep them away. 

A "Honduran" Thanksgiving! We hosted our neighbors/friends/co-workers, Frank and Emily, at our apartment for the U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving to show them our appreciation for taking so much time out of the last several weeks to take such good care of us! We couldn't find suitable turkey, so we roasted a chicken instead! Complete with brown sugar-glazed carrots, green beans, mashed potatoes, some awesome mac & cheese that Emily brought, and Lesley's homemade apple pie. Pretty good for week 2 of trying to figure out how to cook things in Honduras! 

What pictures happen when some of your favorite kiddos host you overnight when your 
flight gets in super late at night, and they wake you up promptly at 6:45am to say hello. 
They were a very good cheering-up squad.(Also, the bottom row is what pictures happen when those kiddos take your phone and try to do it themselves.) 

As many of you know, Lesley flew home this week for her grandfather's funeral.
She found a lot of comfort in helping go through some of the family's old pictures of Papa.
These are some of the really great ones we are so blessed to even have. 

This is a classic picture from Lesley's family; three-year-old Lesley inviting Grandma and Papa to tea.
With real cookies, not pretend ones, of course. Remembering cherished memories especially this week.

A really cool God moment from this week: Lesley was really heavy-hearted from the news about her Papa and having to internationally travel alone, so she prayed a lot on the way to the airport that God would sit her beside whoever He wanted to; the whole way to Virginia, God answered this prayer in every way possible, including by meeting missionaries (on the plane ride!) from an organization that provides accurate translations of the gospel story into dozens of languages all over the world. As a gift, they sent Lesley this children's story book in Spanish to help in her ministry here. 

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  1. God works in mysterious ways... We are really glad that we've met you Lesley! Even if this situation we are going through is very sad, God always has ways of letting sunshine in. :o) We pray that you can be bless in your ministry and hope the book will be a good tool for you! We are praying for you!

    Alain & Brigitte