Wednesday, October 9, 2013

training // want to learn some more? here's four extras.

If you can't already tell from our first post about training, we're absolutely LOVING our training at MTI in Palmer Lake, Colorado. Just so that we can share in the love with you all, our ministry team and blog readers, we wanted to give you four "extras" in this blog post to learn more about our time here! 

1. // Here is a video from Lesley's language learning techniques practice group using the Hindi language, that we explained in that first post. Bonus points for anyone who can translate it into English!

2. // Here's some other perspectives about our language learning from some sweet friends that are at training with us. Please be praying for their language learning & ministries as well!

From our sweet friend Keri, pictured above, who just served her first year working with orphans in the jungle in Ecuador & is about to return for another year: For her first post, click here and for her second post click here.

And from Alexis, about to go serve in Africa as a doctor to street children in Nigeria: click here to see her post.

3. // Here are some other ways we spend time having fun & getting to know each other! The ladies of our training group love to get together once each weekend for a themed get-together.

Our first ladies night was a nail polish party. Almost every one of the ladies here came out for this one! Jamey got lovingly "kicked out" of our room so that we could turn it into a nail salon, full of a range of nail polish colors, painting stations, even lavender foot soaking stations!

My henna partner was our great new friend, Sonia, who is moving to Tegucigalpa, Honduras!

The second party was a henna party! We watched a video and learned about how women are using henna as a way of sharing the gospel around the world. As they are doing henna with their house guests, they draw little symbols into these intricate designs to help them remember the story of the gospel that they tell them while they are drawing on their henna. It was so cool to see how people are taking an existing cultural norm and using it to share the most amazing news the world has ever known. We celebrated with them by drawing our own henna designs! We loved it!

My pretty henna designs! (and my favorite fuzzy blanket in my lap that
my sweet husband packed for me to bring to cold Colorado.) 

4. // Here is a teaser photo for an upcoming blog post. Can you even tell what we're up to during this training session from today?

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