Thursday, March 7, 2013

bump into us // Covington, Va

Let me introduce to you the "Bump Into Us" post, well, because though it will always be short and might even seem silly, I'm actually really excited about it! Here's why: we want people to know where we are headed each weekend so that you can literally bump into us! If you know anything about Jamey and I, you know that we love people -- like really love people -- and we just feel so blessed and energized when we get some face-to-face contact time with people who are really excited about our ministry. We never get tired of it! So we'll posting regularly about where our travels are taking us, and we hope that you take us up on the offer that we want to see you. And with these posts, please be praying for safe travels, encouraging meetings, and that God will continue to prepare our hearts for everything that is to come along with this journey!

This weekend we will be travelling back to Covington, VA (Jamey's hometown for anyone who is wondering!) since we haven't been back in almost a month. And the really exciting news is that we will be speaking at Bethesda Temple of Praise in White Sulphur Springs this Sunday, March 10. We'll be at both services if you're hoping to catch us! We are very grateful for this opportunity to share about our ministry to another great church.

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